Vibrational Sound Therapy explained

As a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing since 2001, I find that the singing bowls create a space for me that is akin to dropping into a slow moving meditation. Sort of like when you walk a labyrinth. Performing bodywork requires you to move in ways that propel you around a client on the table, a sort of quick step dance depending on your chosen modality. In a Vibrational Sound Therapy session there is less need to move in this way. That allows a practitioner to sink into a deep state of calm in order to keep up the measured strike technique. Delivering the right strike of the mallet in a measured fashion is crucial to the pace needed for a client to let go and unwind on the table. If played too quickly and in an unmeasured fashion, the bowls could encourage a more reactive state from the nervous system and cause anxiety. Hence the need for a well trained and properly educated practitioner to perform a session.

Never mind about ME, what about YOU? What does the client experience?! I’ve had feedback ranging from insanely pleasurable, to rather intense, to the feeling of the body dissolving and coming back together. There are many sensations, memories, thoughts that pass by while the vibrations flow endlessly. Every time I perform a session there is always a feeling of deep relaxation and peace. One way to find out for yourself: just book a session 🙂

The beautiful thing about the theraputic singing bowls is that no actual human touch is needed. Some people just don’t want to be touched, and that is understandable, The only thing that does touch them is the glorious and seemingly never ending vibrations of the bowls. Zen Therapy Nepalese hand hammered lovingly crafted singing bowls, that is. Thanks to the wonders of Jeff Howard from the Vibrational Sound Association. He positively rocks. If you wanna shop for days and acquire unique, ethically well made products, check out his site: and tell him SKC sent ya!

What I love most about performing VST is watching people become ‘sound stoned’. Their faces, energy and entire demeanor completely change after a session. The bowls teach all of us to slow the *beep* down, breathe, relax and let the brain and nerve system take a much needed vacation. Yep, let’s not call it nervous -shall we? I mean talk about negative reinforcement! Anyone sleep deprived these days? Stressed out? This may be the right modality for you. Give it a go, after all, I am only one of two certified practitioners in the state of Connecticut.

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